Back from Paradise with mixed feelings: Autumn 2014 mood

I know, three plane crashes, Ebola, the Ferguson case and bloody ISIS are far more preoccupying that what I develop in this Cosmo paper, yet they reflect my present mood, trying to run away from a world obviously ill and mad! Yet believing that education remains the key.

Marseille (about to be) revisited

After a rather cocooning break, I’m ready to hit the road again from Switzerland to the South of France, towards cosmopolitan Marseille and its Côte Bleue, half a century after my parents and grand-parents landed there from across the Mediterranean…is it a coincidence?

California, Hong Kong and multicultural perspectives

Whether we admit it or not, we are all multicultural and better address as a cohesive society the unease and backlash we experiment at present. Reading Renford Reese’s novel has been an eye-opener for me and I share it in this post.

The Day before….

Tomorrow is the beginning of a year’s adventure across the world. It starts with a sociolinguistics conference in Berlin and two events in LA…but this is only a beginning….

Kaddish pour Henry

A mon très cher et très regretté Henry Bulawko, né en Lituanie, déporté à Auschwitz et mort à Paris le 28 novembre 2011 au terme d’une vie riche et bien remplie dont la Shoah fut un passage marquant, certes, mais qui ne saurait le résumer malgré sa fidélité et son dévouement inlassables à faire connaître la Honte du XXe siècle.