Les Jours d’après

Je vous quitte… si j’entends de véritables excuses et que des têtes tombent, je reviendrai peut-être. C’est la série de Lhomme et Davet qui a achevé de me convaincre. Je […]

Chroniques Covid Chronicles Day 53

The news of the day was that Glyndebourne was cancelled. This blog is a lot of crying over your shoulder, beware. However there was a lot more excitement between my cultural lectures on Velazquez and my work which is keeping me busy even on my days off. But at least I stayed in pyjamas and look forward to quartets with Marc.

Chroniques Covid Chronicles Day 27

What is different tonight from any other night? Well…Let me tell you about the strangest Passover in my entire life…We are talking about my favourite festival, it includes a lot of “shows” It’s a family gathering the moment in Spring where we drink, eat, pray and love a lot!

Chroniques Covid Chronicles Day 25

On day 25, things only seem to be getting worse. We are not the masters of that game. The African saying “Quand le gros maigrit le maigre meurt” is terrifying developing countries. Celebrating Easter and Passover will be challenging yet so much better at home than at the hospital!