“12 years a slave” revisited

We, Jews, have a special connection with the African-Americans. There is no doubt in my mind about this, although fewer Afro-Americans are now willing to agree about this connection. Pharaoh, Let my people go, We shall overcome…all these are songs that ring in our common psyche. We celebrate each year Passover, the time when we were slaves, and many Jews fought alongside the African-Americans for … Continue reading “12 years a slave” revisited

Nelson Mandela: A Portrait of Great Leadership, by Renford Reese

Everyone has published or said something about Madiba…and my visit to South Africa had left a bitter-sweet taste of disillusion, but Renford Reese found the words I wanted to convey, a hope that education will overcome disillusion and that our mission as educators is only starting now. Continue reading Nelson Mandela: A Portrait of Great Leadership, by Renford Reese

et si Motti avait raison…?

Ma visite “activiste” est sur le point de s’achever. Terrible constat du lavage de cerveaux israélien et de  la conviction cynique pour une majorité d’Israéliens de l’inextricabilité du conflit. Celui qui l’a finalement le mieux résumé est peut-être Motti qui s’occupe d’un kiosque sur Hayarkon street à Tel Aviv: Il n’y aura jamais de paix ici, “ils” ne veulent pas la paix, “ils”  veulent la terre or … Continue reading et si Motti avait raison…?

42, by Renford Reese

The Daily Bulletin (Ontario, CA) Guest Columnist: Renford Reese, Ph.D. April 30, 2013 http://www.dailybulletin.com/opinions/ci_23131553/42-great-legacy-jackie-robinson 42: The Great Legacy of Jackie Robinson A couple of years ago I was a commentator on the Biography Channel’s mini documentary on Jackie Robinson. This documentary captured only a snippet of my thoughts about Robinson’s impact on American society. I recently saw the film, 42, which is based on the … Continue reading 42, by Renford Reese

Notes pascales

Brève pause à mi-chemin de ma sabbatique qui reprend de plus belle d’ici quelques jours avec des voyages à Barcelone pour le plaisir et l’amitié, en Israël pour JCall mais également pour une intervention le 6 mai à l’Oranim Collège de Haifa at the invitation of my dear friend and colleague Larissa Aronin (who’s just published a fabulous book with David Singleton on Multilingualism, click on … Continue reading Notes pascales