Republicans created Donald Trump, their albatross, by Renford Reese

I’m amazed at the number of disappointed lower middle class friends who have become enraged against Obamacare and their taxes raise to the point of being blinded to the very accurate depiction of Trump you are about to read. It seems that no matter what we write or fact check or analyze, we only contribute to making this buffoon more popular. I had to laugh … Continue reading Republicans created Donald Trump, their albatross, by Renford Reese

La Seule Exactitude

Universitaire souvent drôle, toujours sérieux, précis, fidèle et consciencieux, Alain Finkielkraut, dans La Seule Exactitude, cite profusément et clairement ses sources et dans cet ouvrage, la palme revient à Levinas, Peguy et Heidegger. Avant de vous agiter pour cette dernière référence, lisez toutes les citations qui sont évidemment le fruit de ma lecture subjective. Je regrette toujours qu’Alain Finkielkraut persiste à lire le monde à travers son prisme un peu trop issu de Samuel Huntington alors que la lecture bien plus intelligente de Benjamin Barber lui serait infiniment profitable. Continue reading La Seule Exactitude

Beyond the political chaos: humanity 

I Am Your Protector will commemorate the International Holocaust Day with an Interfaith ceremony honoring outstanding people during the Holocaust who were protectors, often risking their own lives to save the “other”, in particular, Muslim Protectors, often unknown. The Ceremonies will he held on January, 27th 2016 in various cities: – New York An Interfaith ceremony with Imam Khalid Latif and Rabbi Jehuda Sarna followed … Continue reading Beyond the political chaos: humanity 

Cosmo SL people 

 Let’s start with some tales…. Grinding chili towards the outside  in Singama Dewale island Temple : the way to obtain revenge if you’ve been wronged. Sunia God at 10:00 pm rides his white horse with his wife Nagina cobra queen, so you’d better lit an oil lamp to fulfill your wishes. These beliefs are still anchored in the very imaginative mythology of a colorful and … Continue reading Cosmo SL people 

Burma: My…and more! Part 1

I’ve just come back from a trip into mysticism, culture, beauty and humor…let me quickly share this with you before my busy life takes away the wonderful flavours of an amazing civilisation. Myanmar or Burma? Only the UN and Switzerland where I live use Myanmar for what Aung San Suu Kyi and her partisans call Burma. Historically, both names have coexisted pretty much the same … Continue reading Burma: My…and more! Part 1

Un Coran d’air frais

Je l’ai découvert hier à peine… Voici le lien (cliquez) Le scandale est que Combo ait pu se faire tabasser au nom de la coexistence. Son nom lui-même indique assez son cosmopolitisme. Et à ce titre a droit à sa chronique sur ce blog. Mais comme je suis en partance pour la Birmanie, ce ne serai qu’un tout petit billet d’humeur… Tout de même, il … Continue reading Un Coran d’air frais