Although I presently feel more like Alice’s Rabbit than like a Yiddishe Mama, let me share with you the beauty of the Jewish New Year by extending to all of you, my friends absolutely worldwide, my warm wishes.

The person who introduced me to the pleasure of sharing our customs, recipes and in short our cosmopolitanism is my dear Friend Jack Halfon! Some 15 years ago, he was a pioneer with his sephardic diaspora website                                               HARISSA.COM

So I decided that today, which is for the jews Remembrance Day, I should pay tribute to his work and dedication to our cosmopolitan community! How do I pay tribute? By stealing his picture of the Jewish New Year’s table set…but send you all to read all it encompasses in terms of traditions and stage management….just click on this link to get to our wonderland, says the rabbit!

This past month litterally flew to such a speed I don’t know how to sum it up…Lot of work (start of the school year out here in Switzerland), dedicating some time to JCall Switzerland which is trying to promote the idea that building settlements obviously isn’t the way to peace or maybe it is because the US will finally cease to support a country so deaf to its people inside and to a silent minority (majority?) of jews worldwide…Dr. Freud come help!

Finally, we are, with Geneviève Koubi, in the publishing “starting block” of a very special issue of Droit et Culture on the meaning of language (S’entendre sur la Langue) with prestigious signature along new scholars who get a French audience too…so stay tuned!

A warm a special greeting to my special friends, Geneviève in Paris, Fernand in the Maldives, Michael in Poland, Laurence in Toulon, Dinara in Russia, Miryam in New York,  Serafin in Indiana, Isabelle in Philadelphia,  Pierrre-François and Alice all around the sea, Liza Rosenberg in Israel, Samira Houcine in Algeria, Momo in Sicily, Mignon in Geneva, Sekou in Boston, Mona Zitouna in Tunisia, Martin in Berlin, Kofi Annan in Geneva and last but not least Malcolm the Dolphin Man in Port Adelaide, South Australia. All of them for a particular reason!

May the sun rise and rise again and may our friendship keep growing over it!

And more generally, to my fellow jews in Israel, to the people who fight for their democratic rights to individual respect in Arab countries and to women who are always the easy target when things go bad…and economically it seems that our world is not going bad, it’s going bananas.

To Clélia who will read me, to my amazingly crazy family and to Ingrid who is my best supporter, to Anita for her wonderful friendship and to all my other 894 FB friends, most of them are real friends and the all the others not on FB but always in my heart!

Happy New Year, I need you and I love you all !

Daphné Romy-Masliah

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