Dear Colleagues, Dear Friends,

I would like to share with you the great joy of  having been recently elected at the Editorial Board of a French Journal,

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This Journal is very close to my heart for more than one reason, friendship being certainly not the least of them… I have been associated with Droit et Culture (D&C for my friends;-.)) for a long time and  I was proudly twice the co-editor of a special issue, once with Dr Larissa Aronin on

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Right now with Prof. Geneviève Koubi , of an issue on “Agreeing about Language”(S’entendre sur la langue) in which prominent scholars and young colleagues from all over the world will give their interpretation of this title. I promise that the issue won’t be dull!!!

 I also participated in the past to a wonderful issue on Translations and Laws:


this my worn out copy;.)
Please let me know if you have a paper to publish, I’d be happy to suggest it to my colleagues at the Editorial Board shortly! Needless to say, it should be on a topic related to law and last but certainly not least on my Cosmo blog…to CULTURE!

One thought on “Sharing a great news with my friends

  1. Décidément, tu es une personne, comment dire ? prolifique, créative, bouillonnante, je ne continue pas, je suis simplement admirative. Félicitations !


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