My dear friends,

This past month has been rich in exciting views and events!

I took some time off in the Marseille region and had the immense pleasure to discover a splendid region

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I also used that time to update my bibliography and invite you to make all comments to force me to finally iron out the too many glitches I left…this is exactly my own endnotes, so if you find it useful, also help me make it Really flawless! And if you happened to have published a book or paper on sociolinguistics, plurilingualism, multiculturalism, cosmopolitanism, do let me know so that you’re added to these 1319 entries (todate!).

Yesterday was a big date for me…I can’t tell you how warm it feels to be surrounded by my best friends and be treated like a queen…the baroness really appreciated! A special thanks to my buddies, Anita, Rela and Ingrid. You litterally made my day!!!!

Now, it’s time for me to focus on the next leg of my sabbatical, so stay tune for some exotic news!