You get a million good wishes and send some million more, so I won’t bother you yet want you to know, you who are reading this note right now, that I’m thinking about you.


From the riverbanks of my beloved Geneva to all of you throughout the word, I send you my love.

You brought me the will to keep going and the desire to share with you my wonderful moments. You are always here when I need a friend or an advice.

I thank the old friends and welcome the new, always amazed at how generous life has been to me in putting me in touch with such amazing and diverse personalities who have all contributed to my rich life.

back home more or less 195Keep being unique, keep thinking differently and out of the box, keep being special!


Let me raise a glass of champagne to our future together, to peace and understanding between people who are deep down all the same, seeking love and respect.

One World!



And finally, here are some pictures of an amazing year 2013, probably the richest life ever offered me so far, and I’ll be doing my best for it to look pale compared to the upcoming year!20130921-082439.jpg

la rue Ste Catherine, belle diversité!
la rue Ste Catherine, belle diversité!

DSC06033 Copy of Venice 330 DSC05093 Atlantic trip2 007 supp londres 073 Rio2 556 Rio2 555 Rio2 460 Rio2 454 Rio2 336 Rio2 303 Rio2 237 Iguazu brasilian side 068 Brasilia 494 Brasilia 469 Minas Gerais 136 oliveferan Rio2 194 20130620-121113.jpg Brasilia 239 Brasilia 174

Loge d'Honneur de la Fenice ©DRM
Loge d’Honneur de la Fenice ©DRM

MANAUS 067 Sampa 020 Sampa 141

My note prompted a welcomed illustration from my FB Friend Nawel Al Azemouri, a wonderful contribution with the same title and philosophy as my message 😀

2 thoughts on “Don’t look back, look ahead! Here comes 2014

  1. Thank you very much Madam.We wish you the New year 2014 bring all the prosperity to you and the same vigor to work for the welfare of mankind!


  2. Ma très chère Daphné, ton message, son intitulé, m’ont presque arraché des larmes (pour de vrai !). tu as vécu une année en effet exceptionnelle que tu as partagée via ton blog, reflet de ta générosité, de ta joie de vivre de ton incroyable sens des (bonnes) relations entre les humains. Je suis flattée de faire partie de ton (large) cercle ! belles fêtes de fin d’année.


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