I drove yesterday at a very leisurely pace from the “love” to the “darling”  affectionate gas station employees in Tebay, Penrith.

So the ‘Race’ title has more to do with the surprise that awaited me when I made my last minute decision to stop in this delightful village in the Lake District.

I was immediately warmly welcomed by the whole village and had a lovely chat with m farmer, James, who described the painful mass killing of his cattle during the mad cow disease. “It was a breed which I inherited from my grandfather and father, all gone now for just one sick animal” but he also said that having lost his wife two years later put things in the right place…

James still spoke a bit of French. He remembered how good he was, only beaten by a fellow student who ended up as a student in Cambridge…we have a date next year for the next race;-)



while the whole Europe is under a severe heat wave, Scotland was in the fog at a 19 degrees

Well, I’m now in Cairnryan about to board another ferry to Belfast, so this will be another chapter of my adventure or “how to travel with an iPhone and a few useful apps”

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