Apparently, I’m meant to visit Belfast and Northern Ireland bit by bit…everytime, I discover something else that I should try next time…This time, I learnt that if I want a true visit of Belfast and its surroundings, I should use the Black Cab Political Tour. How do I know about it? By having taken an another (rather lousy) tour but the guide (a lazy Irish girl if I met any…) still was willing to talk quite freely about the political situation in the so-called new haven of peace. I thus investigated and found this quite interesting paper by Greg Oates leading me to them.

When I came back from my previous visit in Belfast, my first visit in fact, it had been such a shock to discover communities leaving behind walls and fences that it totally destroyed any hopes I ever held regarding peace in the middle-East. Belfast still has two school systems with totally different programmes! I’m glad that the next day, I met a group of Scouts from the whole region and saw the Norther Irish kids have fun and talk to their Donegal and Galway counterparts. “No politics with the Scouts, and all kids equal said their leader!IMG_8024

Back to the Middle-East, my day had started with an interesting coffee at Café Nero on Donegal Square, where I had a fascinating discussion with Lydia Wilson, a young historian specialised in ancient arabic cultures who recommended the following book if I meant to understand anything about the Syrian Conflict.IMG_7537

Yet, I absolutely adored the very intense people I found in this City, so this time, I came back as a tourist to discover the Tall Ship Race, by the grace of a misreading as stated in a previous post, and the Giant Causeway. But my next trip, soon, I hope, will be totally political as I wish to understand how in a globalised world such tensions can not only exist, survive but nurture themeselves. For example, how “Loyalist Cities”such as Larne really show off

a tribute to Her Majesty's Jubilee
a tribute to Her Majesty’s Jubilee

Carrickfergus Casle
Carrickfergus Castle
As a good tourist, however, I discovered Carrickfergus Castle, heard about the Cottage to use to belong to Andrew Jackson’s parents (who gives a damn said theIMG_7565 IMG_7559

this took place on July 4th, 2015 while the rest of Europe was boiling at 38 degrees Celsius.
this took place on July 4th, 2015 while the rest of Europe was boiling at 38 degrees Celsius.
knowledgeable guide, the guy never set a foot there anyhow!) Then we moved on to far more important scenery, the staging of most of the Game of Throne HBO series….starting with Castle Black (aka the Wall) in Season 1.

As it is, pilot studies meant to stage the Series in Scotland, but the proximity of Titanic studios where all the interior scenes are filmed, plus the tax waving in Northern Ireland and the proximity of the spectacular  Giant Causeway did the rest…!

80% of the exterior scenes are filmed in Northern Ireland, while the remaining 20% (i.e. the “sunny scenes”) are filmed in Croatia and Malta, with also the Icelandic scenery in some of the dramatic moments too.

Anyhow, I let you discover the absolutely exquisite beauty of the sites, hoping that it means more to you in terms of Game of Throne than it does to me! However, I’ll certainly now watch the series in order to experience again the breathtaking charm of this part of the world! The Giant’s Causeway’s history can be investigated by clicking on link but far more interesting are its legends

at the foot of Dunluce Castle near a Glen something (got the name wrong so anyone finding it gets my gratitude!).
at the foot of Dunluce Castle near a Glen something (got the name wrong so anyone finding it gets my gratitude!).
IMG_7575 IMG_7580 IMG_7584 IMG_7602 IMG_7637 IMG_7634 IMG_7627 IMG_7620 IMG_7605IMG_7628 IMG_7630 IMG_7631 IMG_7634 IMG_7638

Yes, I took the photo on the Carrick rope bridge...had to! Spectacular!
Yes, I took the photo on the Carrick rope bridge…had to! Spectacular!
IMG_7660 IMG_7672

the pre-war Austin car club went picknicking...
the pre-war Austin car club went picknicking…
IMG_7700 IMG_7699 IMG_7695 IMG_7683 IMG_7677IMG_7709 IMG_7707

on the way to the Giant's Causeway
on the way to the Giant’s Causeway
IMG_7710 IMG_7726 IMG_7724 IMG_7723 IMG_7720 IMG_7712 IMG_7728 IMG_7729 IMG_7734 IMG_7736 IMG_7746


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