First tea in Sri Lanka! Arubowan 🙏🏻

Having survived the shopping Frenzy of Dubai airport at midnight….

Enjoyed the Christmassy atmosphere of Emirates airline….

This is a summary of my morning….in a few clichĂ©s!

there were thousands of wonderfullxy adorned nativities at every street corner


I arrived at Colombo airport in a 28 degrees paradise of noise and tropical Asia smells and mess…

And immediately visited the NEGOMBO fish market…. Right out from the fishing nets!

And now it’s time to shower and rest….in a lovely little hotel in Negombo, The Pledge3…. Nothing much from the outside but a welcome and delightful rest inside!!!!


  And following the nap, I had a sample of the marvels awaiting me with the Hamilton canal and lagoon;-)



king fisher


traditional fishing pirogue



baby Varan


digesting Varan


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