A  tumpatrana….that’s how you call the luck of finding a whole family of 3 elephants in Sri Lanka….come back as I’ll post here my photos of animals encountered along my fabulous adventure….as well as some posted by   

 my fabulous guide and chauffeur, Pradeep (click on his name for further contact) after my return! 



the little rascal managed to grab his lunch from the garbage bin…


despite several attempts, I couldn’t manage to take this picture and commissioned Pradeep, my guide, to take it for me…! thanks my friend!

At the UDAWALAWE national park


look closely and you’ll see a crocodile!


dead elephant



i’m cheating… it’s a plant… but it has personality😉

Other pictures added by Pradeep  : 




Summary of my main interests :

  • Mangroves de jafna 
  • Elephant tumpatrana ✅ 
  • Peacock flying ✅
  • Frogs✅
  • Monkeys ✅
  • Cows ✅
  • Crocodile signs✅
  • Mahavale river✅