Religion is omnipresent in Sri Lanka, and so is ethnicity… 


Bo tree
   Drambulla mixed temple (hindu architecture Buddhist faith)  : this charming temple is located on an artificial island… As you can tell, boots were more appropriate than sandals but since you have to take off your shoes anyhow to visit the temples, there’s not much to be done except wearing easy havaianas….which I ended up purchasing 😉


  Kandyan temples 




















golden cask supposed to contain Buddha’s tooth at the eponym temple

   Kandy is definitely a cultural and religious highlight in my amazing tour. A hybrid of Singalese, Hindu and Muslim Faiths sometimes visible on a single sight. My heart however beats for the Embeke temple with wood carvings worth the trip on their own!











This video doesn’t exist
   Cette vidéo a été prise au Temple de la Dent…  






  Honni soit qui mal y pense….

le lion représente le Sri Lanka….

Tamil temples are a frequent sight throughput the country 

And as mentioned in my first post on Sri Lanka, Christianity is quite visible in some areas such as Negombo, but also in the shape of 17th century churches… Such as the Dutch Reformed Church of Gall and its graves reminding the Double  Cathedral of Valetta

 Yet…. Remember:


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