And this is how you prepare it…  

White tea is simply sundried, green is steamed and black is processed:
   In fact of course, there is much more than tea to be appreciated in this amazing earthly paradise…. Landscape and diversity are infinitely varied….

Some facts, right out of Lonely Planet Sri Lanka Guide 2015

 From Horton Plains  

 which I visited on January first 2016 in rather  tough weather conditions  [wind, rain, cold, mud! ] to such an extent that I truly had to send my driver back to the car as these fellows are not accustomed to such extreme ( for 









  them)  weather conditions. The scenery was just fabulous so despite the fact I could not actually really see the world’s end I felt I was in it!  

world’s end as it usually can be enjoyed (Pradeep , my guide, sent this on Jan.22nd, 2016)
what I actually saw
 To the succession of rural or urban landscapes 

And more urban sites… At times colonial  


















And from lovely hotels 


  Of course, I have many more sights to visit such as the North mangroves and beaches …and temples… And the Dondra lighthouse ….

Yet,  what I saw and enjoyed in extremely comfortable conditions was close to miraculous!

None of this exceptional journey would have been possible without my friend Sophie Bousouksi  and my cousin Charlie! Here’s the message which started what will truly be one of the most memorable trips in my life! 

  Merci Sophie, your travels are indeed “So Fine”, you read my mind! For more info on this very special consultant click here. Et merci à Planitour, le fabuleux réseau de cousin Charlie! 

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