It’s always a shock to leave rather quiet Northern Ireland for the cosmopolitan busy Dublin, even if my attraction to Belfast is largely due to my early recollections of what Dublin used to be…. Here are my photo impressions of a particular artistic and musical flavor 😉

You can also compare the relaxed attitude of the Garda compared to the bulletproof tanks and balaclava of their northern counterparts….


fabulous Chester Beatty Library






This video doesn’t exist
according to my son, read hummus!
begging to be on FB 😉



Chez Max (Palace). Definitely my favourite address, a super staff too!!!
only in Ireland!
Sandymount beach
spring buds!
I needed this after my misadventure at Eddie Rocket’s Diner on Dame Street (never again!)


leaving Dublin with a magnificent sunshine!
back to work!

















One thought on “The two faces of Ireland: Dublin

  1. Thanks a lot for these photos! They do capture something of Ireland that I recognise well. To me the smile of the unsuspected Irish man looking straight into your camera is a great representation of the mixed feelings in the region.


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