Ce mois de janvier n’a pas fait dans la dentelle… Assauts américano-iraniens, corona virus, celebrations du 75e anniversaire de la libération des camps d’Auschwitz-Birkenau …le minable plan de paix Américain pour le moyen orient…

… and at school students telling my colleagues that he hurts their creationist beliefs…!!!

How can the extraordinary opening of information have led to the spread of the worst conspiracy theories and the absolute refusal of youth to get involved in politics other than for an occasional “revolt” against and never for a cause.

Let’s thus look at the beauty of my cosmo world this month : Yeu, Paris, Bruxelles and Geneva

In Paris I warmly recommend the extraordinary Greco exhibition

already mentioned in my previous blog.

I wasn’t as enthusiastic about the Toulouse-Lautrec exhibition but it’s probably due to the anticlimax following highly mystical El Greco… the same feeling occurred to me when I saw one of my favourite painters Valentin de Boulogne right after the extraordinary Vermeer exhibition (item 2 of my blog on collections and foundations ).

We decided to attend the Dali Magritte exhibition. I was happy but not overly enthusiastic although confronting these two surrealist painters enabled us to realise how closely related they were…

… and how incredibly talented the Catalan master was…

I have always adored Magritte… and for a while got a bit off Dali, probably because I saw too many of his paintings in Figueras… yet my love and admiration are fully restored, these are two amazing masters …. although my total amazement was the discovery of how rich the Musée des Beaux Arts is!

Discover more with this Ling regarding Runben’s study of Moorish headshttps://youtu.be/7KvDtMzVta0

https://youtu.be/KiJLY-dCHO0 about Marat’s death by David

https://youtu.be/PCq-QaNKXJ4 Dirk Bouts Bouts La justice d’Otton
All these links including the Brueghel unseen masterpieces videos

Provide a wonderful insight into these masterpieces !

Brussels was it’s beautiful self

But the treat came from unique and so European Arno… a rare pleasure in the capital of surrealism

Et… cerise sur le gâteau : Happy Brexit my friends…!

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