Combien de jours vivons-nous sur cette planète, qui, au fil d’une vie, comptent réellement, de jours où les choses sont susceptibles d’advenir, qui rendent notre existence plus lumineuse et plus plein le soir qu’elle l’ était le matin–combien de jours ?

Jón Kalman Stefánsson , A la Mesure de l’Univers, trad. Eric Boury nrf, Paris, p. 74

Unlike this quote, today has been a lazy quiet day… the last one of basking holiday as I’ve slightly started to get back to work on my new PC… for just a few minutes as my friend PF is going to fix the few usual glitches such as useless imbedded programs and so on…I also attended an online conference on La Place de la Concorde and forgot the present to escape to my favourite square in the world !

I read the Canard Enchaîné The French satirical newspaper week which is probably the only way to really know what’s happening in France. And apparently there is nothing to brag about. I can better understand why governments are disorganised, at least in France. It appears that the president is lied about by medical authorities which are fighting each other and bickering instead of being united. I did not believe it but a simple bug, has thrown us back to where we were in 1929 with queues of people needing to be fed by governments in the US as in India…

All this while the US president seems to have lost his marbles. Today he’s announced the withdrawal of the US support to the WHO. While it is obvious that the WHO has extremely badly handled this crises in order to spare china’s feelings, it’s not the moment to start a feud. we are all interdependent. Nobody is responsible for what’s going on but everybody was responsible to disclose how serious it was and to make sure the situation would be handled correctly. It is too soon to start assessing the blames but I’m also writing this in order to remember how helpless we felt how trustless we were in our authorities that blatantly lied to us, how annoyed we were and yet so many took charge and simply filled the gaps left by irresponsible governments. They will be held accountable and so will all the people in charge of our stocks and our security.

I have stopped watching TV about seven years ago and have never gone back over this decision. I am only getting my news from the radio and newspapers. Of course occasionally I watch it in my Paris apartment So my testimony is probably biased by this lack of visual media.

Last night I had nightmares of being trapped and confined in a sort of box. Although I am leading a pretty comfortable confinement, it seems that my mind is more worried unconsciously…

Apart from reading and working a bit, I played my usual games, made a gorgeous gratin d’épinards et de côtes de bettes and went for a walk for about an hour while listening to a podcast about Barbey d’Aurevilly. before going to fetch the veggies at the farm and doing the rest of the shopping at the supermarket.

At seven I had my WhatsApero With my friends as usual except we changed the day.

I saw tons of people walking by the lake banks and many more cars than before. I even witnessed an accident although I only saw the result and didn’t see who did what but apparently a cyclist hit a man who was walking on the pedestrian crossing.I guess it will take time before we get used again to not being the only ones on the road.

In my portrait gallery I guess it’s time to talk about my son Alex, my little one although he is now 27, who’s always made me laugh from the day he was born. Much as I admire his sister, I understand and identify with my son. We have lots of common tastes but he’s got a better sense of business than I’ve ever had. His sense of humour, his network and his hedonistic approach of life are a constant pride for his Jewish mother 😉

And finally today’s crop of goodies…going back to school and getting out of confinement are tte themes of the day!

Références : article de Francois Nordmann dans le Temps du 14 avril 2020

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