Today was a calm e-shabbess! I played a bit then went for a walk to check whether the farmers market had reopened and of course it hadn’t but I took that opportunity to buy some more perch fillets at the Fishermans. Indeed in May they don’t fish in order to protect the reproduction and thus I made sure I have my stock.

In downtown Geneva…a Grey Heron

Although the weather wasn’t brilliant, it was a nice walk. Then I went to my usual form but there was such a cute that I gave up that’s the photo of the front page. I went shopping in Manor , came back with the week’s supplies and gorgeous peonies

5th bouquet….

and had a nice lunch,

a wonderful rest and nap and after a chat with an old friend and my friend Isabelle, I started entering and re-organising my new endnote program which I purchased yesterday to my absolute delight! I really needed it badly.

I’ve already entered the two talks about da Vinci and Michaela Angela. You’ll find the former under R (Rosane) and the latter under M (Michel).

As usual, Mark sent me the applause in Paris and we had a chat. We gave up trying to organise anything and simply wait patiently for things to sort themselves out. As frustrating as it can be this attitude is the only one that will keep us from insanity.

I was challenged on Facebook by two friends, one of them is Ingrid will challenge me for 10 days to publish my favourite books and I just started with Proust, Stefánsson and Echenoz.. The other one, Immanuel, challenged me with my favourite photos and after the Marquesas and Easter Island, I chose Venice. I miss so much travelling, being able to just pick a destination, purchase a ticket and discover new people, landscapes and cultures….

Alright, time for the goodies!

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