It is hard to believe that we’ve been living at this strange rhythm for so long. It is true that in Geneva we can feel that the confinement is getting loose. I went to the bank this eveningand was several times furious with how careless people are. They don’t mind the social distances, they take up the whole pavement, they don’t move when they see you to avoid you in any case…I had gone out to get some air after a full day work and actually came back fuming. I am more and more getting the impression we are in for another confinement although I realise that economically speaking it would be a disaster.

I had a rather full day of work but it went absolutely fine. I first had two hours with my student preparing the English certificates and it was the last official class as next week we decided to host a farewell party. We will all have breakfast together and will share the recipes they’re supposed to send me. They’ve been fully prepared and so I just hope that they all have good marks as a reward whenever Cambridge decides to finally host these exams!

I then had lunch with Clélia, even had the time to have a quick nap before my other class whom I asked to give their assessment of my teaching. this is a class where I had a small dispute last week when I had asked them to do a little piece of homework and they told me that the way I answered them was arrogant. To make a long story short I have been indeed a little bit curt but I had given them homework with a seven day deadline and stupidly this Deadline was a Saturday evening in order to give me time to correct them before the class on Monday. It ended up with my leaving their WhatsApp group and then been very miserable about it. Seven of them have already completed their assessment and so far, apart from one who is bilingual and could have been way from attending my class but didn’t want to do any further work, the rest of the class was extremely positive. And even the bilingual guy was straightforward but charming. I also had a meeting to sort out the exams of my adult class of second year English and finally I talked to my younger class and everything went really well. I cleared much of my desk as I am having two classes less after next week and our final lesson won’t require their school books.

I noticed however that I need to look at my agenda, something I haven’t done in two months. This is probably the best sign that we are getting ready for a new phase and about time too!

Now it’s not yet 10 o’clock and I’m about to go to sleep. I’m reading a rather funny short story book and enjoy it. Of course you get some goodies but I can’t guarantee they’ll pass on tonight because charging photos in the evening is proving challenging these days for some reason. Maybe, my computer is telling me something…

Dieting and lockdown
Le Dîner de Cons

Take care people, this isn’t a joke and things aren’t over yet!

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