You may remember my love for Dutch masters which prompted me to visit the Mauritshuis as soonl as the first Covid-19 wave was over. Since booking a ticket seems now compromised, I am glad to share details of my February visit to the exceptional Vermeer retrospective organized by the Rijksmuseum of Amsterdam. I’m posting all my collection of personal photos including some not among the 28 presented pieces.

The little street is at home at the Rijks, so was of course part of the exhibition and was in the first room of the exhibition together with Proust’s beloved view of Delft
Vue de Delft en 1661 Huile sur toile 96.5×115.5cm, exposé à Mauritshuis et A’dam! The Rijks exhibition opens on Delft. I saw this ultra favourite of mine at the Mauritshuis initially, its home.
L’Entremetteuse en 1656 Huile sur toile 143x130cm, exposé à La Gemäldegalerie Alte Meister de Dresde et à A’dam pour l’exposition exceptionnelle du Rijks.

The second room included the “big pieces” such as the Edimbourg Christ dans la maison de Marthe et Marie (1654) below, the Mauritshuis Diana and her suite and the rather out of tone Procuress which saves me a trip to Dresde (if only they could move the Semperoper as well…) and the Japanese st Praxides

National Museum of Western Art, Tokyo
Ste Praxède 1655
L’allégorie de la foi en 1672 Huile sur toile 114.3×88.9cm, exposé à New York Met a fait le déplacement.. tout comme à Paris en 2017. La foi est voyageuse !
The GLASS OF WINE CA. 1659-1661
I saw it at the KHM Vienna. Certainly one of my favourite pieces. Unfortunately it wasn’t in Amsterdam
Par contre, l’Angleterre n’a pas laissé sortir la Jeune femme à la guitare de Kenwood house … pas plus hélas que le roi Charles ne s’est séparé de La Leçon de musique de 1664
La Jeune femme à l’Aiguière en 1662 Huile sur toile 45.7×40.6cm, exposé à New York n’était pas du voyage…
Pas plus que la jeune fille assoupie en 1657 Huile sur toile 87.6×76.5cm, exposé à New York Metropolitan Museum

There are only three pieces I’m missing, out of which one (The Isabela Stewart Gardner Museum Boston’s Concert, 1664) has been stolen… I do hope that King Charles III will soon release the Lesson of Music and that the girl with the wine glass (1662) from the Herzog Anton Ulrich-Museum will reappear (it was exhibited elsewhere on the date we meant to see it)

Let me finally congratulate the Rijksmuseum for having learnt the Paris lesson and avoided small spaces and overcrowding. These pictures were taken around 5 pm…

I cannot conclude without showing this sad empty frame of a stolen Rembrandt at the Isabella Stewart Gardner in Boston where I sadly saw an identical frame around a missing Vermeer’s Concert… I hope to see it, please Mr or Ms Thief!!!

Thank you!!!!

Le mystère Vermeer:

“Histoires de peintures par Daniel Arasse 15/25 : Vermeer fin et flou ” sur via @radiofrance

“Exposition: Vermeer, la perle rare de l’Ancien Monde” sur via @radiofrance

“L’expo-évènement de l’année, Vermeer au Rijkmuseum d’Amsterdam” sur via @radiofrance

“Le Faussaire Vermeer” via @radiofrance Affaires sensibles, Fabrice Drouelle avec Patrick Pesnot le 12 juillet 2022

“Vermeer ou l’écart” sur via @radiofrance

“Arts plastiques:” Vermeer et les maîtres…” et “Ângelo de Sousa”” sur via @radiofrance

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