I belong to the naïve people who keep hoping yet try to keep their eyes open….. So when I had the opportunity to attend an UN-Watch briefing with my students on Tuesday, March 15th, 2016, I seized it!

My friend Sima, the world specialist of the Bakhtyar People had me convinced that things were changing for the best and I spent a wonderful day last week devising ways to improve the education of nomads in Iran. 

Yet these notes tend to prove a slight optimism and remain vigilant. Let me say that Iran is a fascinating country  which had an influence on my life and thoughts. 

I am of a strong belief that the higher the culinary culture, the higher the level of humanism….so despite the testimonies below, I remain optimistic!

Hillel Neuer:

HR violation at a dire extreme 


After 79 became inferior 

Hijab mandatory 

Can’t divorce nor get custody of kids

Girls can be forced into marriage from 9

New limitations under Rohani

Female drivers and passengers not wearing hijab (car confiscated)

Half women lost their job despite flourishing economy 

12% of labor market 

Banned from even playing music in public stadium ban

Attend even a game is impossible 

March 8, 1979 women realized they’d lose all their rights 
Nedar demonstrator and fatal 
Campaign against the ban

Rohani’s gvt neglects the right of women 

They’ll keep on fighting 
Equal rights for women are contradictory to Islamic Regimes
Change will come from within yet FIFA and international community don’t close your eyes!
What about Men ? Lots of men are conscious of the need for equality 

Maryam FaghihiIani

Daughter of Ayatollah 

Grew up in conservative family 

2003 left Iran. Works with Israelis on conflict resolution Builds bridges.

No one has freedom in Iran (denies the right of anyone to be different)

Political journalist and cartoonists in jail.

Baha’i communities barred from education, business…

LGBT community Azeri and Kurds

Executions more numerous including minors

All the more women 

I urge democratic countries to keep HR issues.

Special Rapporteur : unlawful executive, arrests (over 900 and including juvenile), 47 social media activists for bringing a threat to society 

Fair trial not for national security crimes. Can only choose a lawyer approved by regime 

How can we individual help? Build bridges, cultural and educational diplomacy 

I am sorry for these quick notes but with the arrival of Spring and Noruz, believe it’s high time to address and turn our thoughts to these intelligent women  deserve better than that!

Happy Noruz!


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