You have to deserve reaching this very special island in the middle of my beloved Atlantic Ocean, halfway through to America…yet waking up at 3 explains tired faces at the airport where I met some friends by total coincidence!   


self explanatory alas….
 Initially I had booked a room by the sea and intended to do very little….then my friend Laurence convinced me that staying “Chez l’habitant” would be more fun…. And it is!!!! Needless to say I literally jumped on the opportunity;-)


So find myself in a superb old house in Reykjavik city center!!!!  

with a lovely Easter egg attention;-)
my icelandic slippers!
although I already experienced 3 snow storms, spring is round the corner….!






Reyjkiavik Art Museum , see more at

Superb Erro exhibition ! Click here for more


and all finished with a brilliant meal at delightful Kol restaurant (tx Kate for the tip!!!)

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