Toronto and Hamilton: Memory Lane. 

Here I am, at Toronto Pearson Airport on my way to Newfoundland, and memories are overwhelming!

I drove with my family through Toronto and Hamilton in 1996 but couldn’t stop there.

This year, the opportunity of a WIPCE Congress gives me after 8 years the pleasure to see most of my Indigenous colleagues next week, but also to visit again the University where I taught and studied back in 1985…!

The shock is so great that I’m doing this gradually. I spent two days rediscovering Toronto and truly accepting the fact this is no longer a slow and sweet Canadian city but a truly American if not agressive metropolis!

I know people assume that Québécois are the different ones

Sanctuaire du St Sacrement, Mont Royal
, but in terms of mentality, Toronto is way apart! It’s only at night when the pace is much slower that one realizes we aren’t quite in New York!

Toronto was of course already multicultural and infinitely diverse but the difference is even greater. 

I enjoyed there the Hogtown experience

The skyline and beauty are still as enjoyable, and even more so with the lakeshores modified and enhanced but to my eyes and in my memory, the city seems to have doubled in volume and population.

I am trying to reconnect with my friends of a pre-email and pre-FB era and am discovering with sadness that my adoptive father for the year I spent in Hamilton passed away.

The good news is that my adoptive mother Bailey is still around so I hope that after my Newfoundland trip (a digestive one after the initial shock) I will be able to meet some of my old friends. 

More on my next post from Hamilton and in the meantime enjoy more photos and as many impressions of my architectural taste and distastes of this short reconnecting stay.


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