Already the third day of this awkward situation where we are perfectly healthy (touch wood!), well fed and sit on a couch to prove our solidarity in this crisis yet cry at the number of deaths while laughing at the ways people keep their heads up…

Today was strange and quiet and I felt a little discouraged facing two weeks of faint deadlines and fainter obligations…

I also worked a bit for my school which is trying to see how the next weeks are going to be organised.

I actually offered to help if it could be useful. I didn’t leave the house at all and it felt really strange as this hasn’t happened to me in an awful long time.

It is not altogether an unpleasant feeling but I felt very unproductive I read an article by Teresa Cremisi in the Journal du Dimanche and fully get the feeling of helplessness she depicts…

It’s not hard to imagine Venice empty but no cafés, no spritz with the peanuts and olives ….the seagulls ready to attack pigeons since the tourists’ leftovers are but a fading memory…

I watched a funny programme with my daughter, 100 humans

Laughed watching the Swiss sense of humour of Sans Public

including videos of the Bois de Boulogne full of people… and animals!

I cooked a lot today…super food and comfort food….

All that while, I received countless funny depictions of our predicament

Marc went voting in a Paris where all cafés are closed but voting bureaus are open. It’s a bit sad but I do understand that if Macron had tried to call off these elections he would have sounded as if he wanted to avoid defeat. Now his opponents who probably forced him to maintain the dates of these elections are suddenly criticising him. My people are very unfair

And tonight I felt proud to be Geneva when we all followed up the Appeal from Tribune de Genève and applauded the Geneva medical staff!


… and we did, everywhere in Geneva including fireworks!

As for my readings, I will savour Cherokee by magnificent author Jean Echenoz, a real

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