Over 10 days… unbelievable ! As much as I miss my wandering Jewess life between Geneva and Paris, and my Marc, I have to say that time still flies as teaching n such circumstances isn’t easy and quite time consuming !… My old laptop which I needed to change 5 years ago is giving obvious proofs of obsolescence… and today I had to breakdown one of my classes into mini subgroups fitting into a WhatsApp session… and with one of my classes that might just be the way to go… except that I’ve multiplied my workload by 4 approximately (probably more).

This morning, I woke up at 6:00 after a rather restless night. After coffee and some fruit salad, I cleaned the kitchen, did my laundry, sorted the clothes waiting to be ironed and which will have to be worn crumpled because I’ve got my limitations…

I did my gym because I’m starting to feel like a potato bag! Thank goodness I still have Sylvain’s tips from my last fasting and sport « confinement » in 2017 right before my round the Pacific journey…

These few minutes were a torture but I felt so good afterwards that I might do them again tomorrow….

I wrote on FB today: « Happy Cocooning ! Let’s forget the other expressions (confinement, lock down, seclusion ) and focus on the incredible experience despite the devastating casualties and your nerve-racking difficulties with your family, especially young children and teenagers (although from what I see with my students, they behave incredibly more maturely that some of our parents). I’ve started a blog and we are day 10. Tell me about your situation if you agree to share it here or in a message. Find out about my stories at cosmopolitique.org »! We have to live through this awkward yet amazing predicament with a positive spirit !

After Taormina, the Galapagos, Phonpisai, Chamonix, mount Popa, Copacabana beach and the Calf Sound, my picture of the day was… Paris!

I taught and corrected papers from 10 to 6 pm, with a mini lunch break provided by my daughter who is amazingly serene and efficient !

This is where I spend most of my time these days!

Of course I got lots of funny messages, from Jewish doctors…

« Message de l’Association israélienne de pharmacie:
Chers amis.
En raison de la pénurie de thermomètre dans toutes les pharmacies du pays, le seul test en cas de fièvre:
Prendre entre 15 et 20 grains de maïs et placer dans la bouche et attendre 5 minutes. Si cela devient du pop-corn
Allez directement aux urgences

Dysfunctional couples are a recurrent topic

Boredom as well…

And our looks of course….a real concern

As you see it didn’t prevent me from having my Corovini with my three girl friends like last week !

A long call with my beloved and some concern about our summer on our Canadian island concluded the day after the cheering of our doctors and nurses!

Credit: Clélia Romy

Stay safe and keep enjoying life!

P.S. Clélia says my anglo French is weird… yep, but so are you, like me, my friends…!

3 thoughts on “Chroniques Covid Chronicles Day 11

  1. coucou Daphné, un plaisir de te lire ! Alors moi : bon mon jardin n’est pas encore “à la française” mais je me suis lancée dans des a-fonds et ça fait un bien fou, chronophage mais salutaire. Déménagé ma bibliothèque ce qui m’a permis de classer à nouveau nos livres, de faire des découvertes, de commencer à finir les livres laissés en plan, lire un livre que j’avais acheté en… 2012 à Payot (le ticket était resté à l’intérieur) de David Lodge “changement de décor” que tu as peut-être lu et qui m’arrache des hurlements de rire, thérapeutique ! Promenades avec Cléo dans la campagne (sauf hier, trop froid). Nous regardons une série que je trouve très bien faite, Narcos. Egalement téléphones familiaux et amicaux sans compter les échanges WhatsApp souvent à mourir de rire. Pas retournée faire des courses, j’ai tout ce qu’il faut pour le moment et je commence à me demander si c’est prudent on verra. voilà ! take care ! biz


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