Even our cat Figaro longs to go out…

This is 36 day of confinement coincided with Clélia’s 31st birthday. So I spent the day cooking, celebrating, tidying…and working!

It is a little bit unsettling to work when everything is up in the air and we might be working for nothing, preparing exams that won’t take place, correcting papers that won’t need marking et cetera.

Photo taken tonight by Marc

In Paris Marc is trying to encourage his son who has just found out that his exams will now take place from mid June to mid August instead of next week to end of June. It is amazingly frustrating for brilliant young people to be under such stress for so long. But as I’ve just told Mark, we are living a very strange parenthesis in the normal course of life. No more planning, no more projections in the future but simply taking one step at a time and for once living the present fully. Things will definitely get better yet we don’t know how and when. What I noticed within this month is how people have learned to keep the distances and got used to security measures and known to them two months ago.

All we know is that we’re all alive and kicking as proves the dinner and zoom celebration we organised tonight for Clelia. As I had posted that it was her birthday, I was touched by the number of friends who sent kind messages.

My family wishing Clélia a happy birthday from Paris and Vienna, in six locations…incredible times!

And I learned today that there is a tradition at the end of Passover to bake Halle in the shape of keys

Chers amis – comme vous le savez probablement, il est d’usage de façonner une hala en forme de clé pour le chabbat suivant la fin de Pessah – aussi je vous envoie un lien vers le meilleur tutoriel que j’ai trouvé pour la réaliser (il s’agit d’une vidéo américaine, mais les images sont suffisamment explicites pour les personnes qui ne maîtriseraient pas l’anglais…) : http://www.thekosherchannel.com/key-challah.html – Chabbat Chalom !

Anita Halasz, WhatsApp group Jewish Culture in confinement

I didn’t read any paper today but learned that China is starting to admit the number of death in war hand is much larger than initially announced. They’ve been probably lied by the Rohan authorities but intern they also lied to the world, to WHO and created the mess we are presently living. The article I wrote I quoted yesterday insists that we are supposed to be extremely careful since we’ve destroyed or infringed upon the habitat of potentially lethal weapons carrying species…Let’s only hope the world will learn its lesson. I like this French message I received “On ne peut pas se serrer la main mais on peut se serrer les coudes”. We are all wondering why hairdressers and florists get to reopen before bookstores and a month before secondary schools. There is probably a logic but it might be too logical to take into account the human element.

With this I now leave you with some goodies. No portrait in my gallery tonight simply because I’m too tired but you may want to revisit Clélia’s portrait in a previous post. Love you all

Gloomy prospect for our holidays

2 thoughts on “Chroniques Covid Chronicles Day 36

  1. bon… je fais une session de rattrapage de tes chroniques et… réalise que j’ai omis de souhaiter un joyeux anniversaire à Clélia, shame on me ! Donc aurais-tu la gentillesse de lui transmettre A Very Mery Unbirthday


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