Third bunch of flowers… already

On this 37th day, and third flower bunch, I am revisiting my instagram posts in which I’m looking back at the last three years and the wonderful destinations I was lucky enough to visit.

From bottom right to top left my chronological posts on instagram from March 6th to now (see below) #sincewecantgooutletsremember: Gand, Geneva, Taormina, the Galapagos, Phon Pisai, Chamonix, Mount Popa, Rio, Isle of Man, PARIS, Hopewell, Venice.
From bottom right to top left my chronological posts on instagram: Athens, Seville, Yaremcha, Peya, Hanauma Bay, Iles de la Madeleine, Ben’s window over the Hudson, Guernesey, London, Edinburgh, Naples and Krakow.
From bottom right to top left my chronological posts on instagram: Engadine, Bilbao, San Sebastián, St Jean de Luz, Marseille, Hawaii, Wellington, Dunedin and Bruny Island.

If I look back at my past five years it almost seems as if I had realised I would be locked in and have made my best to enjoy what the world has to offer best…Well, here’s my minute of self-pity…Today was a very restful day, I read my mails and the Canard Enchaîné, pretty much the same story as usual. And I learned too late that the new tradition after Passover is to bake challah in the shape of keys…so I had to have a go. I also had a nice chat with Ingrid as I listened today to a fascinating debate in Alain Finkielkraut’s Répliques broadcast and shared it with my friends. I tidied up a little bit the huge mess and have the impression I’m mowing a huge garden with a nail file…but I did throw a whole bunch of stuff so it’s still satisfying.

Portrait Gallery: I also talked to Rela, my oldest friend and best friend since the age of 14…She was then living in Munich and I was living in Paris but she later came to study in Paris and eventually got married to my ex-husband’s friend so we now both live in Switzerland. We don’t need to see each other often, can absolutely say everything to each other and although our lives are quite different in terms of social groups, we still know we can count on one another.

Extraordinary present from Paris Opera ballet. The French people are this remarkable combination between the very best and the most abject. You’ve got here at testimony of the former.

What our classes will look like… good luck to primary school teachers!

This video not only made me cry is my tears out, it also infuriated me that we could do this to young children who should be allowed out, who should be able to have some for some sort of organisation enabling them to play together instead of being locked home and having to show their little cardmboards with the names from all over Europe.One day, very soon they’ll be 20 and I hope they will forgive us for having been unable to see the reality coming to us and for having danced on a volcano. Brace yourselves, here it goes.

Another beautiful Italian present.

Enough with emotions… Wipe your tears, this is fun!

And this will instruct you on how you shop nowadays and finally the goodies of the day

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