I didn’t write all that much this year 2022…. Probably because life was, for me, a little more hectic between my city Geneva and my hometown, Paris which I slowly get back to…I thus decided to explore my agenda and share my highlights month after month.

The January fairy tale in Azay-le-Rideau

We love visiting the Loire Castles in winter times because they are magnificent all year round but less visited in Winter. Although Azay-le-Rideau was quite busy in fact. An altogether grand and cosy beginning of 2022…Still in Covid-19 safety measures in place.

After a night in Croisic and a delicious “bar en croûte de sel” we saw Guérande and visited Amiens before heading back to Paris for some more exhibitions; Othoniel and Ilia Répine discovered in an amazing retrospective in pre-Covid crisis (… and pre-Invasion of Ukraine….) as well as an exhibition on objects in the Louvre.

On January 5th, after a memorable dinner on the River Seine, we noticed that the add regarding the rental of a small flat we had seen earlier in October was still posted… it faced Notre Dame and wax nested in gorgeous historical 5th district… I wasn’t really interested as I imagined the price or state certainly explained why it wasn’t rented and thought no more. Marc, however, investigated, obtained a visit… and delivered the flat of my dreams with beams, lovely views and a very cosy atmosphere. I could finally have my small Parisian flat with Marc…this meant that apart from an amazing exhibition Soulages-Tanabe Chicuunsai IV, we devoted much of our free time settling in our new flat, owing to our friend Sandra a much needed respite and fresh air in Cancale and St Malo.

The end of February marked the beginning of a new war, not against a germ this time but between jew sister countries. If you recall my memories of Ukraine, you remember that I have my doubts about its future, and could feel the feeling of distress from its population. It shouldn’t have come as a surprise, yet you did and affected our global community of decent beings. I still recall my mother-in-law, whose family came from Odessa always stating that she was Russian and not Ukrainian. However, Ukraine now exists, has borders, internationally recognized, and no matter how you turn it, the Russian invasion is a mess for a common humanity. So our March dealt a lot with this invasion, but it also included a wonderful trip to to lose with friendship, Opera and me the evil arts were never far.

May with Marc’s birthday 🥳

July was a happy month, starting in golden Paris, then Chausey for a restful break, Normandy and a remarkable exhibition on The Wind, many books on Ashkenazi Jewry, a moving and humane installation of Anselm Kiefer at the Pantheon hosting as well a temporary exhibition by ,Ann Véronica Janssens an exhibition on Cameos, Danish painter Jesper Christiansen, Bastille day and a concert at the Sainte Chapelle

September meant going back to work with great pleasure and enjoying four extraordinary exhibitions; Achille Laugé at the Hermitage, Devambez at Petit Palais and Garouste at Centre Pompidou …and here are the last photos I finally managed to download. Comments and explanations follow. About time…I know!

2 thoughts on “To new beginnings in 2023

  1. bon, je n’ai pas quitté Genève en cette fin d’année mais… pas nécessaire ! il suffit de lire le blog de ma copine Daphné ! merci pour le dépaysement ! Belle et bonne année à toi, à Marc et à tes enfants, lumineuse, joyeuse et prospère !

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