Good Friday in cosmopolitan Reykjavik 🐣

I came here for the Saga, the Vikings, the Aurora Borealis, the geysers, The Icelandic literature, the volcanoes…. An authentic island in the heart of the Atlantic

 What I didn’t expect was to find city absolutely full of tourists, and multicultural just like the rest of the world!

I’m extremely lucky at least to stay in in the centric home old and my hostess is French-born!

I need to sever my itinerary today, starting with a full bright sunshine and the various outstanding buildings this delightful Reykjavík offers our color  eager eyes!

It started off pretty normally with some very typical Icelandic sights!   

incredibly crisp sunrise light


…and sunset light!!!
behind the clock 😉
all icelandic flags were half-mast today..
no security to protect the PM ‘s residence…
amazing Harpa Opera House and concert Hall


 Then after culture, some signs appeared that not only revealed humor but also multiculture!







no explanation yer for this David Star in the heart of Reykjavik …but I found this interesting link while searching:

Click here for the Link!









So, is Iceland losing its cultural authenticity or getting richer in including other cosmovisions? It’s too early to say but with the help of some authors Catherine Eyjolfsson -the wonderful translator of Audir Ava Ólafsdottir and Bergsveinn Birgisson- lent me…things might get clearer in my next posts! 


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