This stopover on my way to French Polynesia was meant to be uneventful yet there’s always something happening in this small metropolis of the Antipodes …

I love getting back there no matter how long or short as I keep discovering new treasures!

This time round, after my skybus ride, I intended to leasurely stroll along the Harbour or maybe go to Waiheke Island but when I got to the Harbour I realized something was cooking… so I discovered the Docklands in full festivity preparation and even attended the lifting of the Harbour bridge prior to visiting the Maritime Museum. One thing I’ve learnt during this trip is that the volunteer guides are very willing yet more often than not quite ineffective … so after a painful half hour I had to excuse myself and run through the rest of the exhibition that unfortunately meant racing through Sir Peter Blake’s extraordinary memorabilia among which his scrabble board!…

At least I learnt a lot about a sailor’s life in the 50’s and it’s entirely my fault to have lacked time!

After a delightful light lunch at the Soul Restaurant (and Jude’s Law cocktail 🍸 !) I was back to the airport to my next leg of an extraordinary journey…!

So stay tuned till my next post which might be quite delayed as I’m entering WiFi-less territories…!

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