About six months ago, my friend Irene challenged me into knowing my part of Neanderthal. 

The National Geographic has launched an amazing program called Gen 2.0 : Next generation your story, our story, the human story…
No wonder why you consider me an alien anymore; Boiled down I’m from Asia Minor ((Jerusalem not a Jewish heritage Mr UNESCO…Really???), more Arab than Jewish (I can see my dad hurting his head to the ceiling…) 2000 years in Northern Africa plus the Livorno ancestry and some Spanish leftovers from their very Catholic 15th century bigot majesties.

Now you will understand my Russian looks despite a seemingly all Sephardic background!

I need to digest these results of course but here is how I compare to the rest of the world population…


Your turn now to understand why nobody can afford being racist, I dare you!

Other interesting references:

How genetics helps finding an adequate cure: 

  • the story of an Acadian suffering from an Iranian Jewish disease

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