After my super CitizenM hotel, I’m now in a totally opposite, yet exquisite environment in the Hostal El Patio in Miraflores.

Arriving in Lima was smooth but getting the luggage took an excruciating hour…c’est la vie. The “safe taxi”, a term you immediately get familiar with in Peru, was there and took me to my hostal with a complete explanation of his city on the way.


arrived almost at the exact same time with the lovely flowers you see on the table of the middle photo. We soon took off to the Martes del Lago Titicaca. It’s a presentation of  indigenous dancers’ associations

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and we saw  a wonderful traditional dance performance while enjoying dinner at the sound of a live orchestra. The show ended with El Condor Pasa, the sign for the audience to get dancing…at least for those who had not arrived from a 12 hours flight. I slept like a log and here I am, 7:00 am, awaiting Miryam and starved;-)

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