My profile today, St Patrick’s Day, on FB

Here we are…5th day of this incredible predicament.. when the world came to a pause…rediscovering what’s essential and what isn’t…

If I simply let it go, I might feel very easy to become an absolute couch potato! Today was my first outing in three days and despite my better intentions to go out again, I stayed home and felt absolutely great about it.

The strange thing is that some departments are closed if they aren’t related to food

This is not to say that I didn’t do anything, quite the opposite! Despite a blank agenda and the definite cancellation of one of my best friend’s birthday party in Paris…imagine that I should be attending a play tonight…and Grand Theatre cancelled two operas so far…

First of all I went shopping quite early as I was afraid to bump into too many people. And indeed avoiding people and keeping a distance proves strenuous…yet I bought fruit and vegetables mostly and managed still to get whatever I need for about three days including cleaning products !

I still stopped to admire the gorgeous view

Back home, I prepared some Tunisian goodies for my son in self-quarantine (“better than giving away our cat” said my daughter!).

I worked a bit and even volunteered at school should they need “someone who doesn’t have young kids or aging parents to look after and with some ICT skills...”

and after lunch with my daughter, I set up my virtual classes on the “classroom” Google app!

I got in touch with all my students and I am amazed at how humanly marvellous they are. These are kids with issues regarding education and in tough situation there are simply the best! Two of them already handed their homework for next Monday! You’re talking about a class that almost NEVER hands ANY assignment… go figure!

At 11 I had a WhatsApp chat with two other friends and I stopped counting the number of jokes I received but what it boils down to is that mothers with young children are driven crazy,

that the French are starting to joke around their excuses for being out

that women are scared of their looks in a few weeks

And so are men!

People are still wondering about a shortage of toilet paper, definitely a popular one

Those who still need to go to work are trying to stay home…

And people go out … to check that people stayed home!

Some look at figures with considéra anguish

Others announce a vaccine for tomorrow

Those who try to pretend everything’s good

…a strange St Patrick’s day indeed! one we’ll hopefully remember as the longest rest we’ve ever taken!


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