I don’t know if it’s related to my “coming of age”, so to speak, but although this feeling has been in the back of my mind for a while, it’s never been truer than today. We are dancing on a volcano, we are listening to the musicians still playing while the titanic is slowly sinking

Winslow Homer Gulf Stream (MET)

I’m lucky enough to enjoy a perfectly safe life in a perfectly organized and friendly city of Geneva. However, I share my life and my time with my Parisian companion in Paris. As a native, I’ve always assumed I knew Paris well and understood it. After all my parents and my brother and his family as well as many of my friends live there.

…but I sense that I am just one very privileged one for the moment. The world tears apart, countries, literally collapse, law has become a mere opinion, founded on beliefs and not on firm principles and wherever I turn my eyes, I see hatred, imagined conspiracies, lack of education, and even despise on anything that sounds educative or lack of time, because it’s wasted on silly amusements and social networks.

Jérôme BOSCH, La Nef des fous, Huile sur bois, vers 1505-1510 (Louvre)

Just as I speak, or write, Turks are dying, Ukrainians are shivering, Russians are forced to believe in the unbelievable, Armenians’ lives and survival are jeopardized by an inconsistent Western conscience, floods, all making huge populations in Philippines and Indonesia, in horrible trouble and right now Gabriele is menacing, my beloved, New Zealand. Argentina is collapsing, more than ever like most of Latin America… populist governments are in place in what used to be Havens of democracies such as Sweden, Italy, and the UK….


I’ve always had my doubts about Israel since the first time I heard of a Palestinian Doctor who could not live in Tel Aviv because his Israeli neighbors refused to have an Arab on their doorstep as never fail to recall , becoming more than ever a divided country with beautiful souls, greedy high tech geniuses and corrupt politicians, not to mention the gullible lost souls like everywhere else in the world who see truth as just an alternative to someone’s opinion…but today’s confrontation on the appointments of Supreme Court Judges is turning Ashkenazi and Mizrahi Jews into enemies. Despite my 100% sefardi origins, I’m afraid I stand with the literate ones….

Yet, I can’t help thinking it’s a wonderful world…. May please all the Putins of this word just listen to this.

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