Après les nativités catholiques de Negombo, place au Bouddhisme, religion “majoritaire” de Ceylan….


appreciez le travail de cette etoffe en pierre …


 It normally stops raining at the  end of November in Sri Lanka…and it’s cold in Europe… But this year is exceptional in many places, so we left the Green Paradise resort in a near flood and visited the Rock Temple under heavy rain…

silhouettes on the edge of the Hambara artificial lake


we crossed this by car!

And arrived at the spectacular Sri Lankan “Dome of the Rock”, a succession of Buddhist temples honoring Buddah from the 5th to 18th centuries. I can’t recall many places which left me with such an open jaw in wonderment…Encore Angkor….Bagan….

I admit my first impression was more amused at the kind of Disneyland display…. And you’ll soon understand why…

Il suffit de grimper (and there again I recommend the walking sticks as some rocks are quite slippery and some steps are very high)…trouver des trésors creuses à même la roche. Bouddha en plus de 150 postures et états “d’éveil ” dans cette Ile qu’il aurait visitée 3 fois….


However in cosmopolitan Sri Lanka, the Hindu religion is never far (neither Islam…), so in this heart of hearts of Buddhist  temples we find several venerations of Vishnu!

door towards a forbidden access to a Vishnu temple


dried flowers offerings from a past festival dedicated to Vishnu




and my favorite… Ganesha!


And some kings left their marks too…. 

size of stone-carved statues decreases according to the excavation

same picture as my commented one to let you admire the ingenuity and art work


painting of a fish


this miraculous jar keeps being fillef all year round and never overflows….



un ancêtre de la BD?



est-ce l’influence de Noël et de l’Epiphanie? toujours est-il que j’y vois Gaspard, Melchior et Balthasar!!!


Et je conclus cette journée avec ce que mon guide nomme “your beloved inscriptions”….        et quelques preuves du travail de titan accompli par des hommes de  foi voici près d’un millénaire.

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