It is rather rare to visit a country which has only been inhabited for just over a millennium….

However it is one of the first cases of “massive” cosmopolitan immigration into a true terra nullius!

Icelanders  are descendants of Vikings…sure, but also Celtic people!  It’s quite amazing when one thinks that of my interest for Ireland, Scotland and Canada, to discover how closely connected these countries are!

My love for stories only grew from that encounter with the sagas….and the recent discoveries about the Vikings’ saga in Vinland (Newfoundland) certainly prompt to me a visit there this summer!

 And discovering that my hostess, Catherine Eyjólfsson, the remarkable translator I mentioned in my previous papers on Iceland was just as multicultural and cosmopolitan as I was is one more proof of how enriching are our multiple perceptions of a world of which we are true citizens! With a Swedish mother and an Austro-Hungarian Jewish father, she grew up in  French Brittany, studied and worked in Paris, married an Icelander and spent most of her holidays in Corsica….

Þjóðminjasafn Íslands ….

I learnt a lot about the origins  and way of life of this settlement…

new forum of the university….

 Listasafn Íslands
English guided tour every Friday at 12:10! I warmly recommend this is as 


Tömmi Magnusson
  Reproduction of the 1927 Danish exhibition of Icelandic painters    


“our most hated vulcano …the Ejaflatjajökulle”


Gauthier Hubert (1967) portrait d’un sosie de Vincent van Gogh (2014) dans l’expo Quartett
Listasafn Reykjavíkur 

Þúfa Ólöf Nordal: understanding how to reach this one  was somewhat a challenge in the intricacies of the old harbor!!!  


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