My beloved friends and readers,

A New Year -especially when it’s a primary number– is always a time to look back and look forward…

It is with a couple days delay that I finally find the time to wish you all a very happy and healthy Jewish new year!

May it be filled with love and concern for all those who are not enjoying the same level of comfort and carelessness with which we dance on the edge of our precipice!

I’m not asking you or even myself to save the world, but in fond memory of our much regretted Kofi Annan, to try to simply help those close to you and the chain of solidarity will reach those in bitter need, whether Syrians escaping the madness of this rotting situation, second class citizens of all kinds in Israel and the occupied territories, women throughout the whole world experimenting the worst time ever for half of humanity, laymen persecuted by fanatics in so many places and absolutely any religion I could think of, not to mention the resurgence of the old demons of populism, rumors and antisemitism! That’s why I attached at the end of my last article about this amazing personality an invitation to follow Kofi Annan’s steps by my dear Friend and former boss Jean Freymond, President of Dialogues Geneva.

OK, now that I probably lost half my readers, it’s time to look back on the fabulous year I have spent traveling in places I had dreamt of for so many years. I adored every single destination, from Naples to Bulgaria including the Basque Country, Poland, Hawaii, New Zealand, Tasmania, Fiji, Tonga, French Polynesia, Easter island, New Caledonia and my friends in London, San Francisco, Auckland, New Plymouth, Wellington, Nelson, Greymouth Bordertown, Hanga Roa, Nouméa, Sofia and Stavanger

I couldn’t name one place closer to my heart but Hawaii, Tonga, the exquisite Marquesas and Easter island certainly stand out as some amazing highlights!

What I am sure now is that meeting the right people in the right place makes the whole difference between traveling and true encounters!

When I think of the places and moments I preferred, I have to admit that it’s people I’m thinking about, not sites! Even in Easter Island which is probably the most amazing trip I have ever experienced, I remember Ariel the dancer and my fabulous guide Patrice Le Bert before thinking of my haunting Moais!

To summarize, I started the journey looking for the Maoris throughout the Southern Seas and ended it in Paris the day following my return meeting Marc, my soul mate, in my hometown all thanks to a quiz game!

Life has its funny quite unexpected turns and I’m really glad to share with you the news that I will now more than ever share my life between Geneva by day and Paris by night!

Happy New Year to all I just wish each and everyone of you to be as happy as I am, may we all be inscribed in the book of life, גמר חתימה טובה!

This post is dedicated to all my friends and to my extraordinary family and relatives who made this year a highlight of 55 springs!

Bless you all!!!

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